Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I love May. The weather is always perfect which means we get outside a lot and we get to start planting our garden. 

Lucy does not like to be left out if there is something going on at the table. Iv'e had to adapt to her age and abilities with some of the crafts we do. She really enjoyed painting, she was happy to have a very small dish of water and even tasted the paints a few times.

Picnic at the park. I need to be better about doing stuff like this. I have fond memories of my mom packing a lunch and taking us somewhere fun for lunch. 

First pool day of the year. Goals for Ellie this year, learn to put her face in the water without freaking out. She's got swim lessons planned for the end of July. Fingers crossed she will gain some more confidence in the water.

Date night at the art stroll in downtown Ogden. We are always pleasantly surprised with our town. Ogden rocks!

Nice weather also means welcoming back out ladies hiking group. We attempted Malans peak on our first hike. We made it half way. We made it to the peak the next week. 

I have big ideas for the garden this year. Trying to get the perimeter planted, which means digging up a lot of grass. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the yard, it's just a lot of upkeep and makes me want to hire a yard service. 

After a long day of working in the yard we had pizza in front of the TV and rented a movie.

walking to church in style

Ellie wrote some music. 

This years garden consists of Carrots, green beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and zucchini. 

Dinner on the patio. Jared worked late this night. The girls and I walked over to the high school and watched a track meet. I almost cried watching the runners, because I get emotional over stuff like that HA! We came home, ate turkey burgers ( I now realize that this picture makes it look like I'm eating one and a half burgers....that half is Lucy's... I swear!). Then we had a water fight in the backyard. It was just one of those days where we were all happy, everyone ate their dinner, I played with the kids and felt like a fun mom and it was just a good night. I had to document it. 

All made possible by diet coke ;)

Another day, another garden center. Ellie made a list and brought it in her purse. She needed roses and pink petunias. She almost spelled petunia right all by herself. It was proud of her. 

Malan's Peak

Lucy said "flower" and this is also the day she finally warmed up to our sweet neighbor Leann. Leann lives around the corner and we go to church with her. She hand out "smarties" candy to all the kids at church and frequently brings them over to the house for the kids. Lucy has been so shy towards her for the longest time and now that she can actually eat the candy and knows where it comes from she is finally warming up. Leann is so happy. 

Lucy is a shy and timid little thing. Nursery has not been her favorite. I've only left her twice. It is so interesting to see the difference in Lucy and Ellie's personalities. 

Sleep over with Jade and Eliza.

Ellie and Lucy cuddling on the couch. I love seeing moments like this. As Lucy gets older they interact more and it's really sweet. Although now Lucy has figured out how to annoy Ellie and I honestly laugh. Sorry Ellie, welcome to the world of having a sibling. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Rest of April

We spent the rest of April visiting the steam engine that pulled into Union Station. I always love the reminder of the history of the city of Ogden. It's so cool knowing that the Union Pacific railroad use to roll through this town and that it was the main stop on the way out west. 

Feeding toddlers is the worst. She's hasn't mastered how to use her utensil and she throws her food when she's done of doesn't like something. SIGH. Dinner time is not my favorite time of day. We lucked out this night and she scarfed up pasted with tomato cream sauce. Of course the next night when we had left overs she spit it out.

Naomi caught a picture of me in action. Taking picture of the families newest addition, baby Adam. I love being able to take photos for family. Such good practice and quality time with family.

Here's a few of my favorites.

We busted out the long board and Ellie has been hooked ever since. She loved riding it back and forth on the patio and sometimes we take it down the street to the high school parking lot. I love living so close to a parking lot where the kids can ride around. 

Lucy looking like Lillie Smylie

Ellie got bangs. I had seen a few little girls with bangs and decided to just go for it. We both love it. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner, now her hair doesn't get in her face. YAY! Also she looks adorable. 

Photos from our Southern Utah Trip

Here's a bunch of photos from our trip to Southern Utah.