Thursday, September 7, 2017

Last stop Wilsonville

We decided to make the trek up to Portland to see Gideon and Katie, even if that meant a long day of travel on the way home. This was my second time visiting Wilsonville and I love it, their community is so beautiful. The cousins loved playing, scootering, playing at the park and swimming. 

Tired out from a long vacation

Last time we came to Portland we missed seeing Multnomah Falls, we literally drove right by the turn off and I didn't realize it. This time we made sure to see it. 

Ellie checking out the falls with her McDonald's breakfast in hand. 

A long long long drive home. We will never try to drive that far in one day again. It was worth being able to spend an extra day with family, but boy were we ready to get home. Its always more exciting driving west, not just because it the beginning of vacation but because the scenery gets prettier as we go. Driving east it flat and brown, we are always happy to get home to the Wasatch mountain range. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Medley Reunion Continued.....

A day at the River. This day didn't go as smoothly as one would like. A low gas tank, a cranky baby and a crashed drone made for an interesting adventure. On a high note it was beautiful, and Ellie had a blast. 

Jared jumping off a high rock, proving he is still somewhat young and reckless.

Lucy had been on a Dory kick leading up to this trip so of course Grandma Mary's fish tank was a hit.

Lucy doesn't adjust quickly to new environments. She slept with Jared and I most nights. I think she is the only one in the picture really asleep. Sure is cute though. 

We visited the Loleta Cheese Factory for gourmet grilled cheese. We sat outside in one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen. The most beautiful and unique plants. 

Next stop Ferndale. This was my first time in Ferndale and we had a good time. Lots of window shopping, and finished it off with a slice of pie. 

We had to visit the cemetery, and location for a film Jared made in high school. 

Lucy was so tired the whole trip. Poor thing is so use to her afternoon naps at home, she was sleeping every car or stroller ride.

Hot dog roast.

You and me both Lucy!

Moonstone Beach never disappoints. The kids had so much fun we went back a second day.

I grew up going to the beach, one thing I remember most is my mom digging giant holes for us to play in. When the opportunity arose to do the same thing for my kids I jump right in. With the help of a few other Aunts we dug as awesome hole for the kids. Giving my kids the same experiences I had as a kid. Not to mention I was totting a 20 year old Eddie Bauer pink duffel bag, the same pink duffel we use to take to the beach as kids to carry all our beach towels. Life is coming full circle and I love it!

Checking out the Sequoia Zoo. We explored the beautiful garden of Dahlias, and said hi to the Howler Monkey. Lucy's favorite was the fish and Ellie liked the Bald Eagle. We left with a stuffed snake and red panda, then walked through Sequoia park. 

One of the highlights of the trip, Jared taking Grandpa Dee to get an iphone! 

So happy we brought Ellie's bike with us.

A moment of sisterly love.

We made a last minute decision to make a pit stop in Portland to see Gideon and Katie. So we said our goodbyes in Eureka, which is always so tough. 

Some of my favorite parts of this trip:

 taking drives around different parts of Eureka, little pocket neighborhoods, Jared really showed me around.

Not my favorite but a memory, getting a tick, luckily it didn't get in my skin but I was so grossed out. Ellie was running around through the grass all day and I walk down the road and get a tick!

Finding two cute vintage dresses in the Shop in downtown Eureka, you know it was real vintage because it smelled a little like body odor, I washed it and it's as good as new. 

Jared and I taking video clips so we could make a movie, Jared and I love creating together so we were excited about capturing some epic video footage.

Watching Ellie run around able to experience Grandpa Dee's house and all it has to offer. I loved watching her try and play tag with the big kids even though she has no idea what's going on. Once again I am always amazed at how the big kids look after the littles. Thanks to the extended Aunts and Uncles for raising sweet kids who play and look after mine.  

Mostly it was spending a lot of quality time with my family. 

On to Portland....